Cushion Connection offer multiple ways of creating products to sell on your online shop OR upload your cushions; whether they’re homemade, you’re a retailer or wholesaler. There is a place for everyone with Cushion Connection

Starter Dropship Business

 ● You select from CC stock cushions and add them to your store
 ● Your customer places an order from your online store
 ● Your store automatically sends the order to CC drop shipping team where we prepare your customer’s order
 ● CC posts the order directly to your customer

*No investment *No storage
*Simply use our stock

Your Product
Dropship Business

 ● We can fulfil and manage your products
 ● Simply send your products to our storage location
 ● When your customer orders your products, we’ll dropship the order directly to your customer

*Fees are applied

CC Manufacture & Dropship Package

● We can work directly with you to manufacture your products
● Whether you’re a retailer or wholesaler
● We can store and dropship your products directly to your customer
● CC posts the order directly to your customer

*Fees are applied *Minimum order apply *Samples on request

We look forward to help growing your ecommerce cushion business with our own reliable dropshipping service. This way you don’t have to concern yourself with storing your products, packing or shipping and your products with be automatically trackable, including returns.