Cushion Connection offer multiple ways of creating products to sell on your online shop
Or upload your cushions; whether they’re homemade, you’re a retailer or wholesaler.
There is a place for everyone with Cushion Connection

Once you have set up your Seller account, you can choose from the options below

Upload your image OR Download images from our exclusive CC Image Library

Have you ever thought about using your own designs or artwork to create your own unique cushion collection? We are giving you this opportunity to explore a new way of earning money through your creativity and consider developing your own brand.
● You simply upload your image/ Download images from CC Image Library
● Choose your cushion options: fabric, zip, inner & whether you wish to print on both sides or not
● We’ll manufacture the cushion to your specifications; including high quality printing
● Sell in your store
● We’ll dropship directly to your customer

Design your own BESPOKE cushions

Cushion Connection offer the opportunity to manufacture and dropship high-quality indoor and outdoor cushions in the UK. We are happy to work with you to create bespoke cushions as unique as you are.

● Choose your cushion options: fabric, zip, inner, print, embroidery
● We manufacture your products
● Sell in your store
● We’ll dropship to your customer

Upload your products, whether you make them at home, you’re a retailer or wholesaler

● Simply upload your images and your product

● Sell in your store

● You send your cushions

Select from CC STOCK cushions

● Place them into your store

● Sell in your store

● We’ll dropship to your customer